During July 2021, TFOM conducted a survey of key business leaders, government departments, insurance and health professionals to understand the ways TFOM can best support the Tasmanian community. We were encouraged by the response and uncovered some valuable insights into the concerns of our fellow Tasmanians.

For TFOM, it was important to note that over 50% of respondents said that the most valuable part of using an Occupational and Environmental Physician (OEP) was their holistic understanding of physical and psychological aspects of health in the workplace.

Over 80% of respondents expressed their concern about the potential impact of the retirement and shortage of available OEPs in the workforce in Tasmania.

It was also important to note that over 70% of respondents reported that there is no satisfactory substitute for a local OEP workforce in Tasmania.

Interestingly, almost 60% of respondents believed that action in relation to the shortage of OEP’s in Tasmania was primarily a matter for government.

We want to thank all of the people who contributed to our survey for 2021, and we look forward to using these insights to serve the Tasmanian community over the next 12 months and beyond.