On July 28th, Dr Peter Sharman (TFOM Secretary and Occupational Physician with Hobart Occupational Medicine) presented to a large audience who attended the WorkSafe Tasmania Conference in Launceston. Peter joined an esteemed group pf presenters, including Prof Alex Collie from Monash University and Menzies Centre local, Prof Angela Martin. One of the most interesting presentations from Professor Peter Gahan who looked at how the COVID Pandemic is likely to shape future work patterns.

Peter’s presentation “Health First” in the workplace – Evidence-based interventions to facilitate recovery and return to work for employers was well received and delivered key insights and expertise to conference delegates.

Over the last 10 years, the evidence base about the factors that influence recovery and return to work has grown substantially. The workplace is the single greatest influence on return to work outcomes. Workplace factors are more influential than scheme factors, case/claims management and individual/personal factors. The evidence about modifiable psychosocial factors, in particular, provides opportunities for workplaces to improve outcomes for work injuries and reduce associated costs.

Peter’s presentation focussed on practical evidence-based interventions that are under the control of the workplace, including return to work planning, initial injury responses, quality interactions and relationships with supervisors, return to work coordinators and colleagues and the improvement in injury management knowledge and leadership for senior managers.

To view the presentation in its entirety see below.