These are strange times indeed!

The COVID-19 pandemic affects every aspect of our lives while highlighting important basic principles such as the importance of maintaining social connection in times of confusion and uncertainty, while adhering to social distancing requirements.

COVID-19 presents a risk to the community and a significant occupational hazard for health care workers. The pandemic highlights the role of Occupational Physicians can play in conjunction with Public Health Physicians and Infectious Diseases Physicians in supporting general practitioners and the hospital-based practitioners working at the frontline.

At TFOM we encourage you to refer to the official websites providing community, workplace and health professional advice, including:


  • Guidance for occupational physicians providing advice on COVID (25 March 2020)

Currently the various occupational medicine practices in Tasmania remain operational but refer to the individual practices about changes adopted in response to COVID-19 risk.

Gilbert Consulting Tasmania –

Hobart Occupational Medicine –

Sonic Healthcare –

Tasmanian Occupational & Environmental Medicine – Contact Dr Dale 62346376

Work Fit Tasmania – Contact Dr Ernst on 63317711

Peter Sharman

06 April 2020