Over the last two decades, the Tasmanian industry has been well supported by qualified Occupational Physicians (OEP’s). Their service included advice on many topics including prevention strategies, occupational health risk, health promotion, education and training programmes, pre-employment systems, management of complex work injuries, occupational causation etc.

This service is now at risk. Out of six Occupational Physicians, only two are left in Tasmania. This compares with an average of one Occupational Physician per 100,000 population on the mainland. The two remaining Occupational Physicians will retire in the near future. Without training new Occupational Physicians, the outlook for Occupational Medicine services for industry in Tasmania is bleak, with service to support industry and business no longer available.

Historically, a significant portion of funding for Occupational Physician training came from industry. The Tasmanian Foundation for Occupational Medicine (TFOM) is seeking financial donations to fund its operations and TFOM Scholarships to directly support trainees. Donations are tax-deductible.

Collaborative arrangements for engagement of Occupational Physician trainees (registrars) with donors can also be discussed. You are also welcome to call me or any of our TFOM Occupational Physicians for further information, or if you have ideas to help TFOM.

We trust that your organisation sees the value of Occupational Medicine for our Tasmanian industries and will contribute kindly to this important cause.

Please click on the following link for details on how you can help with our scholarship programme or donations.