COVID19 Updates:
New Tasmanian Contact Tracing App – Launched 1st December 2020
The Check-in-TAS app is a free, contactless, secure and convenient wat for customers to sign into Tasmanian workplaces and venues.
Use of this app will help authorised Department of Health staff involved in contact tracing to quickly identify and assist anyone who could have potentially been exposed to COVID19 in that location.
Current Restrictions as of 27th of November 2020:
Tasmania will welcome flights from all states in Australia, including Victoria from November 27th 2020.
Patrons in bars and restaurants will be permitted to drink alcohol standing up in outdoor settings from Friday 13th November 2020. Restrictions on standing and drinking alcohol indoors remain in place.
Dine in restaurants, cafe, pub and club patrons will be required to provide details of at least one member form their party to all venues from Friday 13th November 2020 as part of enhancing contact tracing efforts. Venues can use their own process, or a form available from the Worksafe Tasmania Website.
Households will be able to hold gatherings of up to 40 people from 13th of November 2020.
Found out more about the latest restrictions for all Tasmanians here.
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