TFOM was proud to present at the TAVRP‘s COVID19 safety conference to Tasmanian Rehabilitation professionals. Guests ranged from GPs, to Physios, Lawyers and even insurers themselves.
Dr Peter Sharman laid down his analysis on what he has learnt in Tasmania, and from Victoria in what is the best response to a COVID19 outbreak in an organisation while also offering some advice for best practice. (Peter, would you like me to make those slides public on slide share? Or are these exclusive to attendees?).
We were also fortunate enough to hear from Scott Willis who is not only a physio, but also recovered after contracting COVID19 in the North West break out earlier this year. He shared his experience, his side effects, his expectations and the understanding he obtained from contracting the virus, as well as discussing the potential long-term effects on the human body.
Check out our Tasmanian COVID19 Updates page for the latest news on COVID19 safety in Tasmania.