29 07, 2020

TFOM July Newsletter

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Until the recent developments in Victoria, I thought Australia had fared better with COVID19 than many other countries. Luckily, and with good management, Tasmania seems to have recorded almost no new cases for a considerable period. Some aspects of business and [...]

6 04, 2020

TFOM April Newsletter

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These are strange times indeed! The COVID-19 pandemic affects every aspect of our lives while highlighting important basic principles such as the importance of maintaining social connection in times of confusion and uncertainty, while adhering to social distancing requirements. COVID-19 presents [...]

24 02, 2020

TFOM March Newsletter

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From the President - Dr Barry Gilbert   Welcome to the new Website and Newsletter of the Tasmanian Foundation for Occupational Medicine. The Foundation has been established specifically to support training and research in occupational and environmental medicine in Tasmania. It is [...]